Policy Change – 14th of October 2019 Subclass 482 – TSS visa Employment Contracts

The policy for the Subclass 482 - TSS visa has been amended.

Under policy, a copy of the relevant employment contract, signed by both the employer and nominee, must be provided. This contract cannot be longer than the maximum period of stay for the TSS visa.

In practice, this means that the contract should have an end date and should not be ongoing or for a permanent position.

As you will not know the exact date for approval of the TSS visa, the following should be sufficient;

Start date: Upon approval of Subclass 482 – TSS Visa
End date: 2 years OR 4 years from date of approval of Subclass 482 – TSS Visa (depending on whether the visa is short-term or medium-term stream)
Position type: Temporary

You will need to amend your internal processes, to ensure that the new requirements can be met.

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