Notifying the Department of Certain Events

Sponsors who have had their sponsorship application approved online can now notify the Department of certain events via ImmiAccount.


What changes are you required to notify the Department of?

  • legal name
  • trading name
  • registration details
  • business structure
  • ongoing communication contact
  • owners/Directors/Principals/Partners
  • business address
  • insolvency / bankruptcy / receivership / liquidation / administration
  • cessation of existence as a legal entity
  • cessation of employment of sponsored person
  • changes in duties of sponsored person
  • sponsored person did not commence employment

Notification must be provided within 28 days of a change occuring.

Simply Visas can provide notification to the Department on your behalf, if any of the above changes have occurred within your business since being approved as a sponsor please contact us immediately.

Failing to notify the Department when certain events occur can have serious consequences.

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